The new GeWeTe Cash-Center Deluxe

The new GeWeTe Cash-Center Deluxe

The new GeWeTe Cash-Center Deluxe features perfect cash handling with a premium design.

Germany.- The cash handling experts from GeWeTe, which have more than 26 years of experience in the field of cash handling, are expanding their globally unique and extensive product range with another product: the Cash-Center Deluxe. In addition to its secure housing, the new model offers outstanding design and the proven functionality and quality of GeWeTe. 

Cash-Center Deluxe has a high-resolution, 24-inch touchscreen and illuminated side panels, which ensure that it stands out from any arcade and fits in any location. The internal development team at GeWeTe has paid attention to every detail to improve the design and make it unique for the operator. The Cash-Center Deluxe has a capacity of 2,900 banknotes and up to 8 hoppers. The new product has a range of multi-functional features that enable it to both accept and payout banknotes and coins. Connection to the majority of casino management systems allows the validation of TITO tickets or electronic purse systems, including QR and barcode systems for AGCs, Casinos and Sports Betting applications. The additional benefit of bank card acceptance allows players to purchase TITO tickets using a debit card. 

As with all PC-based models of GeWeTe, the Cash-Center Deluxe also has personnel account control that has been used with great success for many years, whereby staff can withdraw and deposit both notes and coins using a personal card that is secured by entering a PIN. This provides a high level of security for both the location and the staff. 

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