GeWeTe gaining strong ground in the Balkans

GeWeTe has reported a strong performance at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria.- GeWeTe looks back on an excellent Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) in Sofia. GeWeTe has established itself as the premium supplier of redemption machines to the Balkan region. 

The Cash-Center-Premium was introduced to the attendees. This revolutionary redemption machine was only launched back in February at the ICE show and has already become the company’s top seller. It is an excellent combination of trusted GeWeTe technology and new, ground-breaking design with the sleek black design and extra-large 27” side-lit LCD touchscreen monitor. The size of the touchscreen opens up a new of communicating with players. Advertising and videos can be shown on the screen. The Cash-Center-Premium thus becomes much more than a redemption machine – it is an attractive marketing tool. 

GeWeTe offers the right solution for every application. The Cash-Center-Compact is ideal for smaller venues. Therefore, GeWeTe provides the widest choice in this market. 

“More and more operators here are seeing how positive the return on investment model is when purchasing a GeWeTe machine. We are over time the most economical provider of redemption machines. We still have customers using our change machines that we produced over twenty-five years ago! Redemption machines are key to operator business and machine uptime must be a given. That is the case for us. Our product/performance ratio really shows that we are extremely competitive on pricing given the fact that GeWeTe machines perform so long and well in the market,” explained Mr. Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe. 

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