Germany updates its sport betting legal framework

Hesse state is the pioneer reformer of the virtual sport gambling regulation with a relevant revamp on the cards.

Germany.- Deutscher Sportwettenverband –DSWV– (German Sport Betting Association) has opened the debate that will lead to further amendments in the sports gambling regulation. Hesse state will assess the five motions, schemed in October 2015, to change the current law, studied by the association. The main motivation to carry out this reform in Germany is to adapt its regulation to EU Commission’s requirements in the gaming industry. Last year, the Commission stated an investigation in the country for international gambling law violations.

Mathias Dahms, DSWV’s president, commented: “The only reform proposal that addresses the serious concerns of the European Commission is that proposed by Hesse. By taking on and committing to this reform, the government can finally concern itself with ensuring an accepted form of regulation.” Nevertheless, as discussions are about to start, is not completely decided which changes are going to be passed.

Other national states, such as Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony presented new upgrades for the sports betting regulation. However, this adaptations of the current law aren’t enough to clarify the online gambling regulation landscape in Germany. “The proposals from Hesse offer a good basis for discussion. The other offers do not appear to offer enough to make a real change; it doesn’t help to put a plaster on a broken leg,” explained Dahms.