Germany to create a new online gambling framework

The 16 states will work on the treaty that will comply with the European Union.

Germany.- Lawmakers reach an agreement to create a new national gambling framework for sports betting and online activities. The country’s 16 states will work on it, complying with the business and competition laws from the European Union.

The new settlement will replace a 2012 gambling act that establishes that that the country allows only 20 licensed operators to provide online gambling platforms. Members of the 16 states agreed on upgrading the legislation to allow further online gambling licensed operators and casino services.

Mathias Dahms, president of the German Betting Association, said: “For years, the serious sports betting providers have emphasised that a limited limitation of the concessions is constitutional and European. With the introduction of a genuine system of authorisation, legal certainty can finally be established.”

He also commented that the declarations of intent must be implemented consistently. Dahms believes that a new gambling contract with a new system is needed, and that the European sports betting monopoly shouldn’t be “suspended temporarily, but completely abolished.”