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German gaming machine association addresses 2021 treaty

germany gaming machine association
The association calls for the introduction of a nationally standarised biometric access system to ensure cross-training self-exclusion.

The umbrella association for gaming machine manufacturers in Germany has addressed the 2021 State Treaty on Gambling and proposed a series of changes.

Germany.- Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW), which is the umbrella association in charge of gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers, has published a key paper in which it highlights a series of changes that must be addressed before a re-regulation of the market.

DAW said that in order to further strengthen player protection, a coherent regulation based exclusively on quality criteria is needed. It also said that it should be based in its key issue paper, where it makes concrete proposals for the regulation of the commercial slots machines.

The association calls for the introduction of a nationally-standardised biometric access system to ensure cross-training self-exclusion. Independent certification of gambling halls, along with further qualification of access to the profession of machine entrepreneur is also needed.

Moreover, DAW proposed a transnational harmonisation of the content and practical requirements for the quality of training and social concepts in all games of chance, and effective youth, player and consumer protection through the cooperation of all relevant actors.

The CEO’s word

Georg Stecker, DAW CEO, said: “The amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling is a great opportunity to counteract the undesirable developments – above all the rapid growth of the black market – with a holistic approach. Only a coherent regulation of all forms of gaming, including the use of commercial slot machines based solely on quality standards, and a strengthening of legal providers can curb the black market and effectively protect consumers.”

“Anyone who does not play a role in regulating the regulation of gaming hides half of the legal gambling market incoherent regulation and further aggravates market imbalances. It can not be that online gambling is legalised, which are available everywhere, and at the same time the distance rules remain in the commercial slot game,” he added.

Stecker also said that with the introduction of biometric access systems, they wish to further strengthen player and youth protection in slot gaming with modern technology. “The arcade certification is a proof of quality for consumers and relieves the enforcement.”

“Only with a sufficient and attractive offer can we fulfil our channelling order from the state gambling contract. Otherwise, consumers will turn to illegal offers, especially on the internet, without player and youth protection.”

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