Georgia to introduce permits for specific online gambling verticals

Operators will need an additional permit to enter a new vertical.
Operators will need an additional permit to enter a new vertical.

Georgia will introduce new separate permits for online casinos, slots and betting.

Georgia.- The Georgian government has decided to introduce new mandatory permits for online gambling businesses depending on their type of operation. According to local media, amendments to legislation revealed yesterday (Monday) will introduce separate permits for online casino, slots and betting.

The bill would see online casino permits issued for specific verticals, replacing the existing system under which online gambling operators can expand into different verticals with no need for an additional permit. Now operators will only be allowed to provide the services covered by their permit.

The annual permit fees for each of the business types will reportedly be set at ₾100,000 (€35,580). The fine for violating permit conditions will be set at ₾50,000 (€17,790) and the penalty for violating fee deadlines at ₾20,000 (€7,115).

In February, Flutter Entertainment’s PokerStars announced that it was pulling out of Georgia on March 1. It didn’t say why, but the move came as the Georgian government prepared to introduce new gambling legislation restricting business.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili approved a draft order from the Ministry of Finance to impose a 65-70 per cent tax and a 25+ age restriction on online gambling.

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