Georgia Senator to push for casino legalisation

He indicated that he’s likely to make another attempt to legalise the industry in the state.

US.- The Georgia Legislature will resume its activity today, and state Senator Brandon Beach had indicated in previous opportunities that he’s likely to try to push lawmakers that racetrack and casinos could help with the state budget.

According to officials, the bill would contain both the legalisation of horse racing and casinos in the state. This is not the first time that politicians try to legalise the industry in the state, and it is expected that Beach’s bill will meet opposition in the Legislature. Even though he expects a long fight, he said that his proposition would include a solution to a significant budget gap that the state is currently facing, and if the industry gets legalised, a lot of that money will help the economy and the education.

If the measure makes it through the Legislature this year, if would be voted by state residents in 2018. The senator’s proposal would include the construction of 5 casinos and one horse racing venue in Georgia. One of the casinos would be located in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport area, one of the country’s biggest airports.

Last week, Augusta commissioners unanimously voted to distribute funds to educate the population on how Georgia would benefit from casino legalisation. The state has been trying to legalise the industry for quite some time. Rep Ron Stephens said that he had the intention of asking Georgia voters in November’s election ballot, but the bill never made it to the House floor.