Georgia pushes for mobile betting

Georgia pushes for mobile betting

A Senate committee in Georgia will soon discuss a mobile sports betting bill as the state seeks to debate whether to regulate the segment.

US.- The industry continues to thrive in some states, but others continue to stall regulation. However, a Senate committee in Georgia will discuss a mobile sports betting bill to finally regulate it.

Senate Bill 403, Senator Burt Jones’s project, reached the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee. The group will consider the process for licence applications, among other topics.

Pro sports push

Georgia sports betting is getting a major push from the big teams in the state for another reason.

The Professional Sports Integrity Alliance, integrated by the Atlanta Falcons, Hawks, Braves & United is advocating for the segment.

According to the Falcons president and CEO Rich McCay, all dollars would go into the state, not the teams. However, he believes they’ll benefit anyway from fan engagement, which is as important as money.

“With the younger fans, we need more engagement,” McKay said. “What we’ve seen from all the numbers is how much sports betting there is going on from that age of 23 to 40. This becomes an engagement opportunity for us.”

Georgia sports betting legalisation remains unexplored. However, a first proposal may arrive in the Legislature as soon as next week.

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