Georgia gets closer to allowing horse racing

Horse Racing may soon arrive in Georgia. (Credits:
Horse Racing may soon arrive in Georgia. (Credits:

A state Senate panel approved a bill to let voters decide whether they want to allow three horse-racing tracks in Georgia.

US.- Georgia has taken a step towards legalising horse racing statewide after a Senate panel gave approval to a bill which would allow up to three racetracks. The bill would put leave the matter up for voters to decide, as a question will be included on an upcoming ballot to ask whether they want betting on horse racing to be legal.

Should it get approved, Senate Bill 45 would create a Georgia Horse Racing Commission which would be responsible for approving up to three licenses and regulating the facilities.

“It’s a big step,” bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Brandon Beach, said about the 5-2 vote that got his proposal clearing the committee. “I feel real good about it.”

After some criticism surged about how “immoral” gambling is, Senate Rules Committee Chairman Jeff Mullis said Georgia’s voters approved allowing the lottery 27 years ago, so it’s pointless debating morality.

“This is all about jobs because gambling is already legal in Georgia,” he said.

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