Genting Malaysia’s theme park to be operational next year

The theme park is expected to be operational by 2020 and increase the visitation number by 10%.

Malaysia.- A recent analysis by Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd has detailed that Genting Malaysia should have its theme park operational by 2020, which would also boost visitation by 8% to 10%. Last year, the company’s CEO said that the theme park would be ready by early 2019.

The research firm group said that it remains optimistic in regard to its investment thesis for Genting Malaysia as it believes that the group should be able to open and have operational its theme part by 2020. “We believe that the outdoor theme park in Highlands can deliver an additional two to 2.5 million visitations per year, adding on to the 25 million visitations Highlands received in 2017,” Affin Hwang Capital said.

The firm added that although the spending per visitation generated through the theme park might not be as high as the current spending, they consider it will help to complement the Highlands’ current offering as a family-friendly holiday destination.

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