Genting leaves Singapore Stock Exchange

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Credits: REUTERS/Samsul Said

Genting Group announced several modifications to reinforce its presence in the international market.

Sinapore.- Genting Group has revealed further plans to reinforce its economic situation and be able to expand the brand through the international market. According to last week’s statement, the company is leaving the shares of the company from the Main Board of Singapore Stock Exchange.

“As a result, the Company believes that it is desirous to increase the visibility of the Company among the North-Asian investors and envisages that maintaining a single primary listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “HKSE”), which will potentially increase the trading of the Company’s shares on the HKSE, will enhance the Company’s profile to North-Asian investors,” the firm said in a statement.

And continued: “Genting Hong Kong is committed to the growth of the Asian cruise market. As we continue to expand our product offering and services to meet the growing demands of the Chinese market, the company aims to focus our resources on our business operations and streamline its compliance obligations.”

The Singapore firm Genting Group has landed in Japan to plan further steps for casino development. The new branch will focus on the development and management of leisure and hospitality businesses and the provision of administration and resource support, including research and market studies, investment and promotion, and all business related to the establishment of an IR in the country, as the company stated.