Genting expands casino services

The Hong Kong cruise operator will add electric casino equipment in its cruise ships.

China.- Genting Hong Kong will install FreeStyle Gaming electric casino equipment and devices in its luxury cruise line. The gaming brand will be providing latest casino machines to the cruise company until 2018, as the company revealed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

“In order to reduce manpower, broaden the target age range of the customers… and maintain the competitiveness of the cruise lines operated by the group, the company has been diversifying the varieties of entertainment and facilities by way of installing various electronic games onboard the cruise ships of the group,” described Genting HK in the statement.

The agreement also set an aggregate cap of US$9.9 million “to regulate the ongoing connected transactions between the parties,” rather than “requiring the company to continue to consider each such transaction as a connected transaction requiring aggregation and disclosure consideration,” as Genting revealed.