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The Merkur brand has played a central role since the 1970s.
The Merkur brand has played a central role since the 1970s.

Gauselmann AG, established in 1980 as a holding company, will be renamed “ AG” starting January 1, 2024.

Press release.- From 1 January 2024, Gauselmann AG, founded in 1980 as a holding company to provide central services for the various companies in the Gauselmann Group, will be renamed “ AG”.

The announcement was made by Gauselmann AG chairman Paul Gauselmann, who founded the Gauselmann Group in 1957, at the “Der Branchengipfel” sales event in Frankfurt.

Paul Gauselmann explained: “The renaming to AG underscores our strategic focus, especially with a view to further digitalisation. It sets a visible sign for our core competence, in line with our corporate goal of offering the best games and services for national and international gaming markets.”

The Merkur brand has played a central role since the 1970s and set new standards in the industry at the latest in 1976 when the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) granted the gaming licence for the first proprietary slot machine developed by Paul Gauselmann, the “Merkur B”.

Since then, numerous other games, machines and gaming systems have been developed, produced, distributed as well as services offered under the Merkur brand. As it became firmly established in the market, the Merkur brand and its iconic logo, the laughing Merkur sun, went from strength to strength. Today, it is not only Germany’s most popular gaming and good luck symbol but has also achieved a high level of recognition internationally over the past decades.

Paul Gauselmann noted: “The renaming is a recognition of our product as well as the symbol directly associated with it, the Merkur sun because this undoubtedly best embodies our motto: Enjoy the game.”

One of the group’s major subsidiaries, adp Gauselmann GmbH, already changed its name to adp Merkur GmbH back in March 2022. With the name change from Gauselmann AG to AG, the group is now continuing its brand alignment process. AG will thus in future be the common umbrella for all production and sales channels, both nationally and internationally.

“This change is also a significant step for our international expansion,” Paul Gauselmann explained. “We currently generate around 60 per cent of our sales outside Germany, and this share is continuously growing. The internationally established name Merkur will allow us to further expand our presence in the global gaming industry,” he said, adding with a smile: “What’s more, in many countries around the world, the name Merkur is easier to pronounce and understand than the name Gauselmann.”

The change of name does not alter the ownership structure of AG. The company will continue to be owned by the Gauselmann Family Foundation, into which Paul Gauselmann and his family transferred their company shares with effect from 1 January 2016. As sole shareholder, the Foundation is responsible for all fundamental and strategic management decisions.

Thus, the name Gauselmann will remain inseparably linked to the group going forward. The Gauselmann Family Foundation is managed by a three-member board, which continues to be chaired by Paul Gauselmann. The Foundation’s Advisory Board is made up predominantly of members of the Gauselmann family, which also reaffirms the close ties with the region.

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