Gaming ads at risk in Australia

The national government could set a gaming publicity ban during TV and radio broadcasting of sports events in every state.

Australia.- The Australian government, headed by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has proposed the possibility of banning gambling advertising during live TV sports events at national level. The project needs the approval of the majority of senators. Local legislators have been discussing the new regulation since the beginning of the year, leading to public disagreement from TV broadcasters, gaming operators and sports companies.

Last February Labor spokesperson for gambling Julie Collins and acting opposition Communications spokesman Mark Dreyfus introduced an amendment to prohibit gaming publicity during radio and TV sports broadcasting. The measure is moving forward due to the government’s full support on the issue.

In order to make the new regulation effective, Turnbull’s government must come to a specific agreement with senators. Senator Nick Xenophon’s Team (NXT), which gathers three members, will be participating at the negotiation with the government. Xenophon is a publicly opponent to the gambling industry.

The House calls on the Government to work with the broadcasting industry and national sporting organisations on a transition plan to “phase out the promotion of betting odds and commercials relating to betting or gambling before and during live sporting broadcasts, with a view to their prohibition,” states the bill anti-gaming advertising.