Gamesman celebrates two decades at ICE


Gamesman will make its 20th consecutive appearance at ICE Totally Gaming.

The London-based gaming equipment components and systems manufacturer will be celebrating two decades of innovation at ICE.

UK.- Gamesman, the global manufacturing company, will make its 20th consecutive appearance at ICE Totally Gaming in February. Gamesman sales director, Martin Rigby, believes it’s possible to chart its development from start-up to a multi-million US dollar turnover business, against its appearances at the London show.

“Certainly all of the major developments that have impacted the Gamesman business can be traced back to ICE. For example, Gamesman was officially launched to the world at ICE and our purchase by the Esterline Corporation was announced at ICE 2013,” he explained. Rigby said that during the early days of the business their focus was very much on the UK AWP market which then accounted for 90 percent of sales revenue, and that whilst their home market is still very important for them, partly because of the contacts that they made at ICE, they’re now a global force in gaming with customers based throughout the world, with an office in Las Vegas and a wholly owned factory in China.

“The focus of the business has changed in keeping with the profile of ICE, which itself has grown from being a meeting place primarily for the European gaming industry to one which is able to consistently attract visitors from well over 100 nations. ICE is very much a barometer for the international industry, which is fantastic for an exporter like ourselves. From a logistics and travel perspective exhibiting at ICE certainly makes life easier, but more significantly, it enables us to get a really comprehensive understanding of the issues, trends and hot topics from every corner of the gaming world,” he commented. The sales director is confident that listening to the industry, understanding the issues and subsequently delivering bespoke gaming solutions for customers are the key benefits of participating in major international events of which ICE is the most compelling example.

Looking ahead to what he believes will be the key trends at ICE 2017 he said: “The continuing advance of the Dynamic Push Button Deck, combined with new and innovative tech – especially in the high end US machines – make the machines really stand out. From our experience as a leading player on the supply side, the combination of both video and reels is a popular and a winning combination. This is the case in the US where it has brought the digital and mechanical interpretations together.”

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