Gambling popularity down in Switzerland

Gambling popularity down in Switzerland

A new study carried out in Switzerland by the local regulator has shown that the popularity of gambling is down in the country.

Switzerland.- The average number of users who play games of chance in Switzerland has declined. According to a study by the Interkantonalen Lotterie- und Wettkommission (Comlot) and the local regulator ESBK, the popularity of gambling has decreased in recent years in Switzerland.

The survey, which was prepared by the Swiss Institute for Drug and Health Research (ISGF) and submitted on behalf of the two regulators, shows that only 16.4% of the respondents play games of chance more than once a month.

Over 18k people participated in the study, which indicated a 0.5% decline in participation from 2017 and 1.6% from 2007. Around 69% of them stated that they had previously participated in a type of gambling at least once. However, the numbers also indicate a decline in interest in gambling. In 2012 the indicator was 70.6% or 5 million people, Soaktuell reported.

Lotteries (48.2%) were identified as the most popular type of gambling in Switzerland. Various raffles are in second place (14.3%). The Swiss are also interested in board games (6.7%), slots (6.7%) and sports betting (4.5%).

Blacklist in Switzerland gets bigger

The gambling regulator from Switzerland continues with its initiative to improve operations in the country. As part of this attempt, it has added 35 more gambling websites to its blacklist, which features unlicensed operators.

The first blacklist from Switzerland was published in September 2019, and it included 65 operators in it. The new update marks the second time in which the Inter-Cantonal Lotteries and Betting Commission (Comlot), the local regulator, adds sites to the blacklist.

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