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Total Casino has returned US$12.2 million to the government in these nine months. Credits:

Totalizator Sportowy, the state-run lottery monopoly from Poland, reported that its online casino registered good sales.

Poland.- Poland’s state-run lottery monopoly Totalizator Sportowy has reported that its online casino vertical generated €540 million since its launch in December 2018. The new product Total Casino has returned €10.9 million to the government in these nine months.

Spending on the site totalled €528 million, and €22.9 million was returned to customers. Average deposits to August are approximately €27. Year-to-date numbers indicate that sales hit €1.1 million, which is approximately pLN 900k less than what Totalizator Sportowy registered in all 2018.

Totalizator Sportowy president Olgierd Cieślik said that Total Casino’s performance to date has met expectations but the results are also better than they expected. He said that Total Casino is likely to account for 30% of the company’s sales within three to four years. Fiscal year sales will reach the €872 million figure, and that number is likely to double within two years.

When launching the online casino last December, the company’s president said talked about the future. “Remember that this is the beginning of a very important process of further development of our services. By implementing it, we will listen carefully to the opinions of our players,” he said.

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