“Gambling” is one of the most expensive keywords in the UK

“Gambling” and “Finance” are on top of the list.

An analysis by Search Engine Watch checked 2000 popular keywords and priced them up for Google Adwords.

UK.- A recent analysis by Search Engine Watch, which priced 2000 popular keywords for Google Adwords, reflects that gambling and finance lead the list. Overall, gambling accounts for a staggering 22 of the top 25 results and 77 out of the top 100.

Online gambling operators are paying good money for users to click on their websites and hook new users into their services. Googling the words “play live blackjack” and clicking one time on the sponsored result at the top of the page, would cost the company £148.51 (US$207.)

Other popular keywords include “rolete” (a typo), for £144.76 (US$ 204.76) and “live casino” for £122.09 (US$ 172.69.) The most expensive non-gambling or finance term is 28th on the list, a search for “big data systems,” and will cost a company only £97.76 (US$ 138.28.)