GambleAware promotes debt advice service during UK Debt Awareness Week

GambleAware promoted its Taking Control of Your Credit Rating factsheet.
GambleAware promoted its Taking Control of Your Credit Rating factsheet.

The responsible gambling charity is aiming to end the stigma around such services. 

UK.- During UK Debt Awareness Week last week, the responsible gambling charity GambleAware, asserted the need to end the stigma around using free debt advice services. It said many people still incorrectly believe that using such services can affect people’s credit scores. 

GambleAware’s money guidance service manager Kathy Wade said: “Having a good credit score is important for a number of reasons, including when you want to borrow money, take out a mobile phone contract, or get home broadband. Companies will check your credit file before making decisions. Factors can impact your credit rating but getting debt advice is not one of them.”

Wade added: “Speaking to a debt adviser could help you take control of your debt situation and prevent things from getting worse. They will advise you on the options available to you for dealing with your debts and they can also explain the impact of any of those debt solutions on your credit rating.”

Debt Awareness Week was organised by the charity StepChange. As part of the initiative, GambleAware was promoting its own Taking Control of Your Credit Rating factsheet.

GambleAware has defended its impartiality after the Charity Commission received a complaint against the industry-backed grant-making body. An independent non-profit called The Good Law Project has alleged that the charity is providing false information on gambling-related harms. 

The complainant also raised concerns over the body’s industry links and questioned its high-profile Bet Regret campaign, which it said implies that gamblers are personally to blame for their losses. GLP said GambleAware’s discourse was “promoted by the gambling industry” and aimed to shift the blame from aggressive advertising or harmful products to individual gamblers.

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