Gamban creator launches illegal gambling solution

The new tool is designed to allow regulators to monitor unlicensed sites.
The new tool is designed to allow regulators to monitor unlicensed sites.

The designers of the Gamban self-exclusion software have worked with marketing agency A Game Above to create a tool to monitor illegal gaming.

UK.- Marketing agency A Game Above and Beanstalk, the company that created the self-exclusion software Gamban, have together launched a tool designed to help regulators and governments control illegal gambling.

Named Yield Sec, the new technical and advisory tool will allow regulators to monitor, police and enforce betting and gaming markets.

A Game Above says the tool has access to the world’s largest real-time database of black market sites, which users can use to develop or update their own blacklists.

It said the tool also helps force unlicensed websites from a market, ringfencing licensed or soon-to-be licensed markets.

A Game Above Chief Executive, Steen Madsen, said: “The operation of a sustainable marketplace, with cared-for customers and practically excluded minors and at-risk audiences, whilst raising valuable taxation revenues for society, predictably, is the perfect way to support our shared mission across A Game Above and Beanstalk: the customer experience.

“Player protection and the operation of a sustainable, responsible industry, onshore and subject to regulation, are, in our view, simply facets of the customer experience, overall.”

Beanstalk Co-founder and Director, Jack Symons, added: “Across most markets today, those at risk of gambling-related harm do not know where to effectively turn when facing a problem.

“Escaping a spiral of continued, compulsive play is almost impossible when no gambling cessation helpline or tool has historically worked to effectively exclude the black market.

“Yield Sec will achieve this and provide for meaningful player protection. Caring for the vulnerable is ineffective if we only place conditions upon licensed operators but then leave the unregulated black market openly available.”

The tool is being launched as several countries, including Holland and Germany, prepare to open regulated gambling markets in the next year.

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