Galaxy Entertainment keeps growing

Lui Che Woo: “With the two new developments completed last year, we believe that we have significantly enhanced our mass and family offer and competitive positioning.”

Macau.- Galaxy Entertainment, one of the most luxurious complex of Macau’s landscape, is betting on the recovery of the major gaming center and announced that it’s studying to add more attractions to the casino. The corporation has the idea to build a small but unique theme park. Clients are already celebrating the statement.

The renewal of the fancy casino required an investment of US$11 billion, it includes two more phases in the building with “something special and high-tech” that could look like the movie “Avatar”. Now, the chairman of the company, Lui Che Woo, commented the ambitions of creating the theme park to reach further interested visitors.

“We remain big believer in themed attractions, even though that ship has sailed in Las Vegas, it still works here in Macau and China,” expressed Grant Govertsen, analyst at Union Gaming. The Galaxy Entertainment complex is already a famous destiny for tourist as it poses the longest global adventure river and wave pool.