Galaxy Ent believes Hengqin would help Macau



The Deputy Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group said that that the island Hengqin would turn Macau as a tourist destination.

Macau.- Francis Lui, deputy chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, said that by eliminating the border of the Hengqin island with Macau, it would help the latter to become a tourist and casino destination.

The official believes that the checkpoints that visitors need to pass before entering the island are a burden, therefore eliminating the borders would be beneficial for Macau’s casinos. “We encourage the idea that Hengqin implement a borderless entry between Macau and the island, so that all visitors to Macau can also access the amenities that the territory has to offer, and then freely return to Macau,” said the official at the Global Gaming Expo G2E Asia 2017 yesterday.

“Relaxing border controls would make Macau a more competitive and compelling family destination. Put it like this: Macau, the world’s biggest gaming hub, with Hengqin and its entertainment focus, would be like having Las Vegas and Orlando right next to each other, instead of over 2,000 miles apart,” said Lui, whose company is currently building a non-gaming resort in the island, as reported by CalvynAire.