Gal Ehrlich, Beter: “It is valuable to showcase our latest innovations at ICE London alongside other industry heavyweights”

Gal Ehrlich, CEO of Beter.
Gal Ehrlich, CEO of Beter.

Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER, spoke with Focus Gaming News about Beter’s attendance at ICE London 2023.

Exclusive interview.- ICE London 2023 is not only one of the most important events in the gaming industry, but it also serves as a showcase for major companies to present their latest launches and innovations to a large audience interested in learning more about the sector.

BETER knows this well and that’s why it has put special emphasis on its participation this year at ICE London 2023. To learn more about how they are preparing for the event, Focus Gaming News spoke with Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER.

What has BETER got in store for ICE 2023?

Such large-scale events as ICE London are a perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness, present the latest additions to our vast product portfolio, deepen our relations with existing clients and forge initial ties with potential new partners. 

For this reason, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our presence there is both striking and effective, from making sure our stand is welcoming and stylish, to showcasing new releases in almost all of our product’s verticals.

Among the products we will be presenting at ICE London are our newly launched in-house Dota 2 tournaments. Dota 2 is one of the most popular and beloved games around and boasts millions of fans all over the world. With Dota 2 joining the roster, BETER’s portfolio of esports events – including eFootball, eBasketball, eHockey and CS:GO – has become even more impressive, and I’m sure it will be in demand among the next generation of bettors for years to come.

At ICE London, we will also be showcasing the latest additions to our sports offering – in-house Badminton tournaments and MMA events as part of our new ‘New Warriors Generation’ brand. Both of these sports are enjoying a period of rapid growth, catching the eyes of bettors and sports fans alike. 

There is definitely huge potential here and our clients have made it clear that they are interested in these disciplines, so there will certainly be no shortage of chats and discussions during the trade show.

We’ve also got some new developments in our live casino vertical which we are looking forward to unveiling at ICE London, including our electrifying new game-show Gravity Roulette, which introduces big payouts and huge side bets multipliers during bonus rounds, providing a unique concept in the Casino industry, as well as a new live casino studio in Romania, which we will be opening in the next coming weeks.

While my team and I are of course excited to be presenting all these novelties, there are plenty of existing products in our portfolio that offer consistently high margins, which are also a point of focus for our clients, so we’ll be dedicating lots of time to these as well. 

Among the highly successful products we launched in 2022 was our iFrame solution, which took silver in the “Industry Innovation of the Year” category at the 2022 SBC Awards. As its audience has continued to grow, we’ve added in-game stats widgets to make it even more engaging.

How important is it for the company to participate in an in-person event where you can meet visitors and colleagues?

The importance of speaking with our clients and partners face-to-face cannot be overstated. There is simply no better way to build a strong business relationship based on trust and a clear vision of mutual interests and opportunities for synergic development. 

Industry events are crucial for driving sales. We gained more than 30 new clients in 2022 through our active participation in ICE London, G2E Asia and SBC Barcelona, and I expect even more impressive results from ICE London this year.

We will be bringing a strong team to the trade show to present all our biggest developments, and are looking forward to meeting all our clients and partners there.

“We gained more than 30 new clients in 2022 through our active participation in ICE London, G2E Asia and SBC Barcelona.”

Gal Ehrlich, CEO at Beter.

What does it mean to present your latest innovations at ICE London?

The ICE London exhibition kicks off the year with an incredible opportunity to show off all the latest innovations and is a highly anticipated event for suppliers and clients alike. 

Over the course of several days, ICE gives us the chance to present our new products in person to a large pool of potential clients, gauge their interest, and get an idea of the success we can hope to achieve with them. 

It is also extremely valuable to be able to showcase our latest innovations to industry heavyweights and obtain their recognition and feedback. 

The whole experience is highly motivational and gives us extra drive to continue developing our products. It’s crucial that we coordinate with other industry actors to establish which niches are worth pursuing, especially given our meteoric rise.

BETER’s new iFrame solution for esports is already considered one of the company’s best-sellers. What feedback have you received from clients?

We developed iFrame with a new generation of bettors in mind. These players want to be entertained while they place their bets, which is why we have developed a user-friendly and intuitive interface for all our solutions. Our iFrame solution meets these requirements, so we’re confident that it’s destined to be a commercial success.

We are very proud of this product and will continue to invest in it. Several months ago, we made it even more engaging by adding in-game stats widgets, and I’m sure that we will onboard several new clients for our iFrame at ICE London, as negotiations with some prospective investors are already underway.

How is BETER preparing for the opening of its new studio in Romania? What challenges does this raise for the company?

Well, I wouldn’t call it a challenge. The main reason we’re opening new venues is to address our Live Casino growing demand, enter new markets and expand our offering with additional languages, as well as to mitigate the risks caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, where our main studio is located. 

Currently, we are in the final stages of preparation and I am pleased to say that we will announce the opening date soon. I’m confident that our clients will love its sleek and stylish design, as well as the cutting-edge technology used on site – multiple camera views will be available to ensure the audience’s complete immersion in the experience.

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