Friendship Platform recognised as sports innovation at ISA

Friendship Platform is referred to as the Sports Innovation of 2018 at ISA.

The International Sports Awards took place on December 5-6 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Switzerland.- The International Sports Awards (ISA) has announced the industry standouts, and FeedConstruct’s Friendship Platform celebrates the title of Sports Innovation 2018. 

The Friendship Platform has been referred to as the Sports Innovation of 2018 at ISA. The company has developed a platform that is a bridge between content providers and buyers, taking the whole sports data market to another level, one that gives content holders a full control over their own streams and reasonable price policy to buyers.  

“This year has been a special one for FeedConstruct. It was full of inspiring developments and difficulties that made our team even more flexible and persistent in what we are doing,” said George Arabatlian, Head of FeedConstruct.

“I’m glad to realise that despite all the challenges, our hard work has been recognised and honoured with this title. We are sure that there is still a long way to go. 2019 will be even more productive and full of new achievements for FeedConstruct.”

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