Former MLB team manager talks sports betting

The former Yankees manager said that the league should get money from sports betting revenue.

US.- Joe Torre, former manager of Major League Baseball (MLB) team New York Yankees, said during a press conference that the league should receive a percentage of the revenue obtained from sports betting

“I’ve been involved in baseball almost 60 years. It’s been my life. I’ve always been proud that, aside from the Black Sox back when, this game has been protected. The only thing I ask is that we continue to keep the game — not only baseball but the other major sports — in mind. We’ve got a lot of obligations in baseball,” said Torre.

Morgan Sword, senior vice president for Major League Baseball, said during the same event that the league deserves a 0.25 per cent of the total value of the bets placed on MLB games. “There would be no sports betting were it not for the leagues. I can’t think of another business that sits atop our business, imposes risks on our business and imposes direct costs on our business without some kind of compensation.”

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