Florida sets a possible deadline

Casino expansion could also face opposition among Florida residents.

Florida State lawmakers have three weeks to negotiate a complete gaming regulation to expand or limit the legal industry.

US.- As the House of Representatives and the Senate of Florida State are preparing two contrary gaming amendments, officials decided to negotiate a final resolution through the legislative session. State lawmakers have three weeks to determine if the market would experience a casino expansion or a gaming limitation.

Yesterday, members of the House and the Senate carried out a meeting to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research’s poll revealed that only eight percent of Florida voters would support the expansion of gambling in the state. Regional lawmakers will take into account the result in order to define a complete regulation.

Earlier this month, the Florida House passed the PCB TGC 17-01 bill, which would grant the Seminole native tribe further rights of casino operations in exchange of US$3 billion over seven years. Meanwhile, the Senate passed later in March the gaming bill that would expand the casino and racing industries in the State.

The Senate’s project would grant further licenses to operate slot machines at dog and horse tracks in eight counties outside of South Florida. Furthermore, the bill would expand the Seminole tribe’s operations by offering craps and roulette services. On the other hand, the House bill only limits gaming expansion at Seminole’s casinos, which would offer slot machines and blackjack tables only in South Florida.