First deployment of Epicentral SE from TransAct now live

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TransAct has over 3.0 million printers and terminals installed around the world.

The company will be showcasing its products at G2E Las Vegas next month.

US.- TransAct Technologies Incorporated, a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, announced today that the first deployment of Epicentral SE, TransAct’s new systems edition of its Epicentral promotion and bonusing print system, is now live at a U.S. commercial casino. Installed in connection with the existing slot management system and TransAct Epic 950 printers in use at the property, Epicentral SE is powering the delivery of printed offers, including free play vouchers, delivered directly to players which they can redeem while playing.

Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TransAct Technologies, commented, “We are excited that Epicentral SE is now powering new bonusing opportunities at a U.S. casino for the first time. In what has become a highly competitive industry environment, TransAct believes that the real-time delivery of bonuses via a printed voucher is a differentiated way for operators to drive increased visitation and play among their patrons. The ability to print playable vouchers, redeemable at the game, is an unrivaled feature of our Epicentral SE system, an easy-to-implement add-on to slot management systems that transforms the bonus environment on casino floors. We look forward to working with this customer as they fully leverage the capabilities of Epicentral SE.”

Epicentral is the industry’s only enterprise-level promotion and bonusing software suite, providing for the real-time delivery of targeted promotions to customers directly at slot machines and electronic table games. TransAct’s new systems edition of Epicentral, Epicentral SE, allows operators to use the existing bonusing capabilities of their slot management systems to offer bonuses to players as a printed coupon by leveraging Epicentral’s Print Manager and Design Center modules. These real-time printed bonuses have been proven to drive increased time on device and, ultimately, increased revenue for the casino operator.