FBM online games are now available at Playbonds.com

FBM online games are now available at Playbonds.com

The expansion journey continues and Playbonds is the most recent digital casino to integrate FBM games in its portfolio.

Playbonds.com is an online casino operated by the entertainment company Maxxi Media N.V. The company is a member of CIGA – Curaçao Internet Gaming Association and provides a rich games portfolio including spin reel, video bingo, table games and blackjack titles. For Renato Almeida, executive director at FBM, the integration with Playbonds is an important sign of the brand growth in the online segment.

“We are very happy to start this commercial relationship with Playbonds.com and deeply committed to work in the pursuit of great common goals. FBM firmed this agreement with a long-term strategy attached that aims to go beyond providing great gaming experiences”, says the FBM director. “The relation between FBM and Playbonds establishes close ties between the two brands in terms of marketing and business strategies with a clear intention of providing the best outputs from the agreement”, confirmed Renato Almeida.

Playbonds has also a clear perspective about the importance of this deal. “We are very happy to announce this deal with FBM. From now on, we are working together to bring the best online games to all the players and expand the portfolio of our online casino”, mentioned the Playbonds representative.

FBM has a legacy of a global gaming brand that has conquered the landbased casino market since 2001. With operations established in Asian, North American and European nations, the brand conquered the leadership of the video bingo market and is committed to reinventing the spin reels segment. FBM´s digital footprint has also grown during the last few years and counts now with more than 30 titles, including video bingo, spin, video poker and table games.

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