FBM unveils new brand identity

FBM moves towards the future and reveals its new brand identity with a redesigned logo.

US.- FBM, the leading global gaming brand, has announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity and a redesigned logo. These changes come at a time when FBM is evolving its portfolio offerings of games and machines.

“During the last years,  FBM has successfully diversified and scaled its product portfolio while broadening its global footprint across three continents,” said Renato Almeida, executive of FBM. “This new brand identity better reflects FBM’s market-leading position and its changes.”

The new logo, thought to be more modern, shows FBM’s new identity as innovative and professional – words that are used to describe not only the image but also the brand’s products. FBM leaves behind its old sharp shape, going for a more straightforward design, paving the way for novelties that are soon to be coming. Indeed, FBM not only takes a step further to a new image but shows its will to move forward with new products. “FBM has undergone several transformations, and the new logo is just one of them. All these changes reflect our spirit of progress,” Almeida said.

FBM intends to go ahead and match its vision of the future of gaming. This new logo represents a new achievement for the brand, almost twenty years after its creation, proving once again its leading position and its wish of expansion to other markets. These changes thus mark the starting point of a new era for FBM.

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