FBM’s Easy Link arrives in Mexico

FBM’s latest spin reel feature makes its debut in Grand Fronton, in Mexico. 

Mexico.- Only one month after being introduced to the public during the last edition of G2E Asia, in Macau, FBM installed its new spin reel feature Easy Link in Mexico. The spin reel is making its debut in Grand Fronton.

Luis Casamayor, general manager of FBM in Mexico, said: “We are delighted to introduce Mexico to Easy Link, following the great success of the other spin reel games already installed in the market.” 

Renato Almeida, FBM executive, said: “It is a product that provides a unique experience, we are very proud to widen our spin reel range of product with this feature.” Indeed, Easy Link is a pack of four games linked by a jackpot and featured with free spin and stuck wild to increase the chances to get a winning combination. Almeida continues “Easy Link shows our involvement in the Spin Reel market by providing the public with a well-elaborated feature.” 

Easy Link is available on the spin reel machine Shadow with a pack of four games: RacinGo – Wild – Easy Link, Underwater Riches – Easy Link, Catch the Gold – Easy Link and Kingdom Gems – Easy Link. “We launched Shadow less than one year ago, and it is already a great success and, in the coming weeks, many more machines will be installed, demonstrating the confidence the Mexican market place in FBM.”

FBM is already preparing for G2E Las Vegas, the next 15 to 17 of October. 

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