Expansion is FBM’s buzzword for 2020

Expansion is FBM’s buzzword for 2020

FBM discussed some of the highlights from the company and shared its goals for this year.

UK.- FBM has been creating its global footprint in the gaming industry since the beginning of the 21st century. With almost two decades of legacy, FBM went through different phases of expansion and has ambitious goals for 2020, focused mainly on the conquest of the global spins market and seizing the online gaming boom.

To better understand the brand goals for the new decade, we spoke with its executive director, Renato Almeida, following the participation at ICE London 2020.

How did FBM build this status of a global gaming brand?

FBM has been building a path of innovation to deliver the best gaming experience to its clients since 2001. The brand conquered its space in the market by introducing innovative features in the bingo games. Disruptive actions taken by FBM, such as launching the multi-card game and extra balls, guaranteed a reference positioning in this gaming type and was our first passport to the expansion.

Since then, we learned how to innovate in different moments of the brand’s history, how to read the market’s opportunities and to provide the solutions that the clients were asking for. That is exactly what we are doing now with a more intensive focus on the spin reel games, while looking at opportunities that are appearing in the online segment through our FBM DS brand. 

What distinguishes FBM from the competitors and make this grow?

FBM really focuses on the client. It´s doesn´t matter if is an operator or a final client, our development process includes an attentive support, with lots of interactions and solutions tailored to our clients needs. This approach creates a comfort feeling in the other side and is essential to create long-term commercial relationships based on a great capital of confidence. This is our recipe for the growth that we attained on several land-based markets and, more recently, in the online universe.

How do you describe the market feedback during the last ICE London?

This was our third presence on ICE London. We felt a positive evolution in terms of numbers of visitors, but also in terms of the diversity of profiles that we had visiting our booth. We felt that we had more clients from the Mexican market visiting us and asking for more information about our last spin reel games line – Easy$Link and Mythic Link. The online games exhibited also gathered the public attention and allowed us to make some meetings with potential clients.

Can you share the big goals that FBM has for the beginning of this new decade?

Our expectations for 2020 are not different from our path in the industry. We want to expand more the FBM´s brand international presence. In order to achieve this, we know that we must invest on the development and evolution of our spin reel collection and in the growth and diversification of our portfolio for the online segment. In the middle of these priorities, we don´t forget the bingo games, because this was the product that made us climb to the status of a global gaming brand.

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