“We have huge expectations about the growth of our online games”

“We have huge expectations about the growth of our online games”

FBM will kick off the new year with new agreements and expectations for the online segment and Renato Almeida, FBM Executive, shared his thoughts.

US.- FBM starts the new year with promising news of expansion in the online market. After the creation of FBM DS – the FBM’s brand for the online universe – the portfolio and online market footprint expansion have been priorities for FBM. As a result, FBM starts the new year with its games available in new casinos and eight new agreements signed for casino integrations to be executed during the next months. 

The web journey of FBM began a few years ago, after noticing from clients from the landbased segment requiring the same kind of solutions for the digital environment. Since then, FBM has been working on its portfolio, which started only with video bingo titles and rapidly expanded to other game types, such as spins, video poker and table games. 

At the end of 2019, FBM decided to take the next step and affirm its investment in the online segment with the creation of a dedicated brand. That´s how FBM DS was born. FBM transferred all the know-how, credibility and network created in the landbased market to this new segment, and approached the first clients. As a result, FBM online games are now available to play on various online casinos.

For Renato Almeida, FBM Executive, “The successful integrations in online casinos are positive feedback that FBM is receiving from the online market. We have huge expectations about the growth of our online games’ portfolio. The expansion of FBM’s digital presence, through the FBM DS brand, is one of our biggest goals for 2020 as a global gaming brand.”

The roadmap for 2020 is demanding and has new steps to be accomplished soon in terms of game development and casino integrations. At this moment, FBM has already signed eight agreements for future integrations occurring in the next months. Today, the online portfolio includes more than 30 games, combining spins, videobingo, baccarat, blackjack and video poker. 

Remember that the FBM path in the gaming industry started in 2001 and since then the brand established its footprint by developing innovative and high-quality gaming solutions. After conquering the leadership of the video bingo market, FBM focused its expansion campaign to Europe and Central America and expanded its portfolio of landbased titles. With the creation and growth of FBM DS brand, FBM brings a new push to create a strong online presence.

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