“Exhibitions provide the best opportunity to assess the industry”


Albert Radman, sales director of Alfastreet

(Exclusive interview).- Albert Radman, sales director of Alfastreet, shared with Focus Gaming News the company’s plans for the remainder of the year.

Sales director of Alfastreet, Albert Radman shared with Focus Gaming News the company’s benefits from interacting with the public, as well as the feedback that was collected from international events. As a leading gaming company, the Alfastreet official also made a balance of the past six months, whilst he also shared details of the upcoming projects for the remainder of the year. Alfastreet has proven that is ready to keep conquering the international gaming market by being present at the most important events of the year.

Alfastreet has been assisting to several international gaming meetings since the beginning of the year. What are the benefits that the company gets from the easy access to the public?

The exhibitions provide the best opportunity, not only to give the clients the possibility to try, test and feel the machines, but also to assess the general state of the industry, competition in a very condensed space and time. The most important meetings actually bring a lot to the producers, since their reach usually extends well over the country or regional borders, justifying the resources that get into such projects.

Simply put, exhibitions present the best possible opportunity to reach the widest, yet selected group of customers, and this is an enormous value to a company like ours.

What has been the public’s feedback so far about the latest Multi Touch Roulette? Is the company preparing further products?

We can honestly say, that the Multi Touch Roulette exceeded the expectations. The first units have been placed on locations immediately after the ICE show in London, and achieved great results straight away. The system is in constant evolution, now providing the possibility of running a live or completely automated Roulette with a single cylinder. This is our patented solution that is unique in the industry, and significantly expands the cost benefits of having such machine on the floor.

Of course we’re already preparing new products, always more innovative and exciting, yet these will be properly presented only at the next year’s ICE. For this year’s G2E, we’ll still present some new products like FelixT single terminal and Big Bang wheel.

Has Alfastreet achieved the proposed targets during the first quarter of the year?

The company has started the year strong and the first quarter has been above targets, the trend that is going to be continued at least for the whole year 2017 – our latest products have been very successful and well accepted, which actually forced us to stretch our production facilities to the maximum, to comply with the demand. Our figures are more than good and our biggest struggle right now is the delivery time, which is stretching too long, due to unplanned surge in product orders.

Our American markets followed by Asian, are this year’s front runners.

What are Alfastreet’s next steps?

We have a very important show in Lima, Peru coming up shortly; we are finalising our products for the fall presentations and preparing the strategies for the second part of the year, with some really spectacular installations coming up all over the world. The major step is the standardisation of our new user interface with some really innovative features to all our new products. Basically, our future steps could always be summarised as ‘staying ahead and moving forward’.

What market has been the most profitable this year for Alfastreet’s development?

There’s really no single market that would dictate the development of the products, we are a company that has always managed to incorporate the requirements of different markets in every single machine. Not to be too precise, our American markets followed by Asian, are this year’s front runners.