EvenBet shares insights on how businesses can win the hearts of customers and employees in igaming

The benefits of taking a system approach to marketing, applying green trends, and developing an image are crucial today.
The benefits of taking a system approach to marketing, applying green trends, and developing an image are crucial today.

Ekaterina Giganova, Head of Marketing Communications at EvenBet, shares insights and best practices on how to stand out in the market.

Opinion.- What problems can small businesses face in the gambling market? According to Statista, the online gambling market is expected to reach $100.90 bn by 2024. As the market expands, small businesses seek to quickly turn a profit while disregarding the marketing and market trends of the industry. In the long run, this will not lead to growth, profit, or brand recognition.

In this article, Ekaterina Giganova, head of marketing communications at EvenBet, shared insights and best practices on how to stand out in the market, how to win the hearts of employees, what to emphasize when working with the company’s image, and what trends are worth implementing for the company’s growth.

1st issue: The Role of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Brand Development

B2B companies tend to neglect a systematic approach to brand promotion, resulting in a high level of information noise in the market, where marketing initiatives don’t build up to any consistent approach or strategy. When it comes to broadcasting the brand platform in marketing channels, the result is off-the-cuff press releases, no systematic presence at events, and unplanned social media posts. Communication of the brand’s values, benefits, and position in the market is crucial and it can only be strategic.

New companies are launched weekly, but not all can stand out and be remembered by potential customers. Companies tend to do the same things that others do but they fail to emphasize their competitive advantages. Most marketers people are interested in investing in something that will produce results tomorrow. Few people realize that creating a company’s brand and image takes a lot of time and effort.

How does EvenBet stand out from the crowd?

EvenBet has a certain position in the market because it operates in the niche of poker and card games, where it is very important to stand out. The company decided to focus on expertise across all communication channels when developing its marketing strategy.

In PR promotion and social media, the goal is to show the following points: ”‘why we are cool and what we do”, “why our product is suitable for certain markets”, and “how we can help our customers earn and develop”.

The company also acts as an expert at events through merchandising, handouts, booth activities, and a team of fully trained professionals. EvenBet doesn’t just give something away to potential customers at conferences. At ICE London, for example, a quiz wheel was created that not only offered the chance to win a prize but also to show off the knowledge and learn about poker and card games. At SBC Summit Barcelona, EvenBet introduces its new interactive throwable object in a game via the physical throwables, providing an exciting skill challenge for booth visitors.

As a result, integrated marketing communications pay dividends and deliver results in terms of recognition, increased brand equity, and continued growth in the level of our customers.

2nd issue: Sustainability and Ethical Trends and Their Significance in the IGaming Sphere?

The sustainable development and eco-friendly trend is gaining momentum everywhere, especially in the gaming industry. The social, gender, and equality agenda becomes a major focus within companies. If B2B and B2C companies want to grow and attract young people, and they need to put a lot of resources into these areas, as the iGaming industry is already stigmatized.

How is EvenBet keeping up with the company’s environmental trends?

Multicultural communication practices, sustainability, policies to reduce environmental impact, and strategies to promote responsible gaming within the company are necessary. EvenBet shares the above-mentioned ideas, which manifest themselves in everything from the separate collection of rubbish in the office to special projects. For example, one of the offices is involved in improving a city park. This is a good team-building activity and has a positive impact on the environment.

Large companies are already applying these approaches to their external business environment, and SMEs need to plan or they will not grow.

3rd issue: Perceptions of Industry Image

In people’s minds, online gambling and gaming are on the shady side of the business. But that isn’t the case anymore. It’s a regulated industry in a lot of markets, and the official regulatory standards go hand in hand with a responsible gaming approach and player protection.

In the next 5–10 years, the whole world will be mostly regulated: these changes are now active across all the emerging markets in the Americas and Asia. Black market online gambling will become progressively more complicated. Regulated markets and responsible behavior should, therefore, be at the forefront of a company’s image.

Responsible gaming will grow through the application of new technologies, including the introduction of AI.

Online casinos and betting will be subject to stricter regulatory measures in many countries. Marketing communications need to take this into account.

How does EvenBet work with its image to offset negative perceptions of the industry?

EvenBet works with the company’s internal communications to prevent negative impressions of the industry. The onboarding process for new employees includes a block on the online gambling industry, market regulation, and responsible gaming approaches. This helps people understand that playing online is very much like watching Netflix or other online entertainment.

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The company makes a quality product. It provides fair gaming conditions and prevents you from becoming addicted to gambling via the most demanded responsible gaming tools like self-exclusion or setting player-induced spending limits.

In terms of external communications, EvenBet focuses on image and trustworthiness. The company has received numerous certifications in recent years, is present and growing in regulated markets, and provides anti-fraud and anti-money laundering solutions.


The benefits of taking a system approach to marketing, applying green trends, and developing an image are crucial today. Putting all of the above into practice in a company helps build a strong brand in the eyes of consumers and employees. It is worth considering that it can’t be done overnight and without significant resources. However, with the right approach, it will pay off and bring results.

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