ESSA welcomes regulatory interest

The sports betting integrity body is content with the attempts of tackling betting fraud and sports manipulation.

Netherlands.- ESSA, the international organisation that represents the legal sports betting industry, has revealed during the fourth meeting of The Group of Copenhagen that the attempts of international cooperation when it comes to fraudulent sports betting are welcomed.

Khalid Ali, ESSA secretary general, said that the involvement of international organizations to stop manipulation in the sports betting industry is greatly appreciated, as well as the attempts from enforcement authorities like Europe, as SBCNews said. “We clearly need to consider coordinated, practical and proportionate actions at both national and international levels; ESSA has been calling for this for years. As the party at the sharp end of this, it is fundamental to the success of any proposals that the regulated betting sector is fully engaged in any sports betting integrity policy considerations and their delivery,” he added.

The meeting was preceded by sixteen European countries, which were in favor of contributing with information on manipulation of sports events. The Council of Europe conformed a project called KCOOS+ (Keep Crime out of Sports) in order to contribute to assistance.

Last week, ESSA released a comprehensive document on the potential market of India, which included the national consultation made by The Law Commission of India (LCI) that urged the general public to share their opinions on the issue. The Supreme Court suggested the Law Commission of India introducing a comprehensive project to move forward with the legislation. “ESSA welcomes the review initiated by the Law Commission of India on the possibility of legalising gambling in the country and the opportunity to engage in this important policy debate,” reveals the document as addressing the LCI’s attempt to regulate the industry.

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