ESSA reports suspicious betting in Q2

The integrity body reported a total of 62 cases of suspicious betting during the second quarter of 2018.

US.- International betting integrity body ESSA has released its latest report, in which it details that there have been 62 cases of suspicious betting in the second quarter of 2018. The cases were reported in eight different sports.

ESSA said that the majority of the cases were from tennis (44), while football comes in second place with 12 suspicious alerts. Tennis is usually the sport with the biggest amount of alerts, but it is no surprise that football increased its number due to the FIFA World Cup that took place in June.

Khalid Ali, ESSA Secretary General, commented: “We have played a crucial role in bringing transparency to betting related match-fixing, which is why we have taken a keen interest in the recent publication of the Interim Report into tennis by the Independent Review Panel. We support many of the recommendations made by the Panel, and we wish to work with the sport to address betting related issues. However, we have serious concerns about a blanket discontinuation of the sale of data for events at the lowest level of tennis, and whether that approach is proportionate to the issue and will provide a practical and effective solution.”

“We are seeking to deliver a number of alternative evidence-based options that we hope the Panel, and the various governing bodies within the sport, will be willing to explore in more detail, and to reaching a position that is mutually beneficial, places integrity to the fore and also serves to avoid any adverse commercial impacts.”

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