ESPN ends relationship with DraftKings

The online sports wagers is finding in the UK more open markets to resist all the legal and financial problems it is facing in North America.

US.- Daily Fantasy Sports major provider DraftKings receives more bad news. ESPN announced last Tuesday that they decided to break the agreement with the Boston corporation before the expiration date of the contract. No official explanation was released.

The exclusive advertising deal did not even reach a year long. Last June, both giant companies had signed a contract that provided customers with DraftKings’ portfolio of services through ESPN’s online websites. IN addition, both of them should’ve advertised each other. But the agreement never fulfilled customers and investors expectations, especially since the leading sports media has been also sponsoring its biggest competitor, FanDuel.

DraftKings is losing grip in the US market -yesterday it was Hawaii and tomorrow could be New York-. Those states may follow Texas, Mississippi and Illinois steps.

Nevertheless, the company is still using the card of “not chance, but skill bets.” After all, this decision could save DraftKings some money to invest in improvements that can be authorised by the law.