ESIC rescinds ban on esports coach

ESIC banned 34 CS:GO coaches.
ESIC banned 34 CS:GO coaches.

One of 34 coaches banned by the body has had his punishment rescinded.

UK.- The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has rescinded its ban on  Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) coach Sergey ‘LMBT’ Bezhanov.

Bezhanov was one of 34 coaches banned following ESIC’s investigation into a cheating scandal surrounding the use of a so-called “spectator bug” in the game that allowed coaches to move around game maps freely during competitions and feeding information to their teams.

He had originally been dealt a ban of 7.5 months but appealed against the decision, submitting videos and other evidence showing that he was either not at his computer when the bug was said to have been exploited or disconnected and requested administrative assistance. 

ESIC has said it is satisfied that Bezhanov, who coaches the professional team Forze, did not seek nor gain an unfair advantage through the bug. He is now free to coach teams that take part in ESIC member events.

ESIC is continuing its investigation into the use of the CS:GO bug and expects to release its final report at the end of this month.

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