Entain launches diversity and technology programme

Entain seeks to have an impact on 1 million people by 2030.
Entain seeks to have an impact on 1 million people by 2030.

EnTrain aims to improve diversity and access to technology with an international programme for academic and vocational courses.

UK.- The UK gaming giant Entain has announced the launch of a diversity and technology programme dubbed EnTrain to support underrepresented groups in regions where it operates.

The programme has the ambitious aim to create a positive impact for more than 1 million people globally by 2030, either directly or through families and dependents. 

The group will also hold an event in London titled Entain Sustain to present its commitment to safer betting and gaming, and the support of the Entain Foundation for local communities and sports.

Entain chief executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen said: “I passionately believe that we have a vital role to play in inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in technology.

“Our new EnTrain initiative provides the building blocks to help, through access to academic and vocational courses and the technological expertise and equipment needed to succeed.”

Entain has published a full Social Impact Report, which breaks down how it has allocated funds to environmental, social and corporate governance initiatives.

Yesterday it also published the first results from its Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) technology-led approach to personalised player protection.  

Nygaard-Andersen said: “I have a personal ambition that Entain should become a leader in the critically important area of ESG. Doing so will not only benefit the many communities in which we operate around the world, but also our customers, our people, and our business. 

“Our commitment to safer gambling is a crucial component of this ambition. The findings of our ARC trials show that the programme is delivering unprecedented levels of change in protection for those at risk, using our proprietary technology to do so.”

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