Endorphina is attending SiGMA Europe 2023

Endorphina has also prepared an incredible giveaway for the event.
Endorphina has also prepared an incredible giveaway for the event.

The company’s stand at the event will be one of the most innovative, impressing attendees with its creativity.

Press release.- This year’s spectacular iGaming event, SiGMA Europe 2023, will be packed with world-class slot providers, including Endorphina. Being the top slot software on the market, Endorphina’s presence at this extravaganza will definitely double down on the excitement at hand. The highly anticipated event will be in Malta, MHH, November 14th – 16th, welcoming all iGaming enthusiasts with open arms.

Endorphina’s consciousness-infusing, mind-expanding, and visionary art-inspired stand 1151 will undoubtedly be the most innovative one at the event, impressing attendees with its creativity. Plus, Endorphina has also prepared an incredible giveaway to sweep everyone off their feet. The giveaway will last three days, each day introducing new potential gifts like Bercherovka, Endorphina hoodies, T-shirts, keychains, and more. Entering the giveaway will be simple, as scanning the QR code at Endorphina’s booth will give attendees access to the scratch-off game.

While the stunning visuals usually encourage attendees to visit Endorphina’s stand at these events, this time it will be the scratch-off game that brings more attention to the booth. Endorphina’s entertainment for SiGMA Europe is set to be spectacular, and attendees can even get a taste of the Dragon’s Breath dessert – a snack dipped in liquid nitrogen.

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SiGMA Europe Malta is one of the most awaited iGaming events, so it’s no surprise that it will feature only the best from the iGaming world. Leading providers like Endorphina will use this opportunity to present their latest games and forge new partnerships in the industry. SiGMA Europe Malta grants an exciting chance for attendees to meet their favorite game providers and see their work at hand. Additionally, software providers will have the golden opportunity to grow and learn about the ever-changing trends in this dynamic industry.

If you’re ready for an unparalleled iGaming experience, check out Endorphina’s stand at SiGMA Europe 2023 and participate in the giveaway. You can learn more about the event at Endorphina’s website, including the SiGMA Europe floor plan and agenda.

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