Edgeless wins blockchain license in Curacao

Credits: Gibraltar cryptocurrencies.
Credits: Gibraltar cryptocurrencies.

Edgeless is the first blockchain casino operator to receive a license in the country.

Curacao.- The license will enable the Lithuania-based company to enter the local market.

Edgeless is slated to benefit from secure partnerships with exchanges, as well as gaining further access to banking services, payment service providers, and affiliate and media networks. According to the Curacao Chronicle, the move could pave the way for further expansion in the Curacao market, with more jurisdictions integrating key areas such as crypto and gambling to support growth.

The blockchain casino operator sees the license as an effective opportunity to compete with traditional online casinos, with the crypto and gambling markets continuing to steadily evolve from a regulatory perspective.

The news comes at a time when Edgeless is gearing up to launch its latest platform in the shape of Edgeless 0.2, which will boast increased betting limits, as well as new player registration and verification.

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