European Casino Association highlights industry impact

ECA is bringing to light the industry’s positive impact across the European continent by launching a campaign.

UK.- The European Casino Association (ECA) has launched a campaign that highlights the positive impact of the industry for local economies and society. ECA represents the licensed land-based casino industry in Europe.

ECA said the evidence of the impact is in the first-ever comprehensive economic impact study of the industry in Europe. The report will highlight the areas in which the industry has had direct and indirect positive impact through employment, compliance, promotion of tourism, heritage conservation and more.

The campaign is mainly run on social media. It aims to bring factual information to policy discussions around the impact of the land-based casino industry in Europe.

ECA Chairman Per Jaldung said: “We are proud to see our industry’s positive impact on the ground. The campaign will demonstrate those areas in which the industry plays a positive role for European economies and societies. A land-based casino is an economic motor that other businesses benefit from, such as hotels, construction companies and other suppliers. This makes casinos an integrated part of the local economy.

“As an industry, we are also closely concerned with the issues of compliance, anti-money laundering, responsible gambling and tackling illegal offline and online gambling. We are committed to closely working with policy-makers and all stakeholders in these areas to develop policy in the best interest of consumers and citizens, as well as maintain and extend our positive social and economic impact.”

The association represents land-based casinos in Europe

The ECA represents licensed land-based casinos in Europe. It features 29 member countries and over 70,000 direct employees supporting local economies across Europe. It has members from nearly all EU Member States, as well as non-EU countries. The main purpose and objective is to address and promote issues related to casinos. It also aims to demonstrate the positive contribution of the industry.

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