Spanish regulator attends event in Germany

The gambling regulator from Spain (DGOJ) was part of the Autumn Conference of the International Masters of Gaming Law in Munich, Germany.

Germany.- The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the gambling regulator from Spain, continues its participation in gaming events in Europe. Representatives of the regulatory body travelled to Munich for the Autumn Conference of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL).

During the conference, the DGOJ addressed the current situation of the gaming industry and the regulatory trends in different jurisdictions. During the event, there were panels dedicated to the development of the international gaming industry. They also analysed growth opportunities with artificial intelligence in the online gambling market. The regulator also discussed advertising and responsible gaming.

The DGOJ, through its Deputy General Director Eugenio Álvarez Fernández, presented the key points of the strategy used by the regulator to fight illegal gambling since 2011. “The representative also presented the results obtained, comparing the different views on this matter from other regulators in Europe, such as Norway, Denmark and Botswana,” said the DGOJ.

During the second day of the event, DGOJ representatives also moderated a roundtable session. Called “Regulator and Lawyer Speed Dating”, they discussed main trends in regulations around Europe.

DGOJ met European regulators in Belgium

Last week, the DGOJ met other European agencies to lay the groundwork for a common regulation for the online sector.

The entities said the aim is to approve a standard for the reporting of supervision information of online gaming operators. The meeting took place on September 12-13 in Brussels, Belgium.

European regulators, operators, game software providers and other bodies started the preparation of the draft of the Technical Committee CEN/TC456.

In April 2018, the European Commission (EC) approved another gambling measure. CEN would promote the development of a standard for reporting online supervision of online gaming operators for national regulators. During that meeting, they created the Technical Committee CEN / TC456 ‘Reporting in support of online gambling supervision’.

As part of that group of organisations that establish the CEN/TC456 committee, the DGOJ collaborates in order to create a unique proposal for a supervisory data model. One finished, the proposal will be submitted for approval.

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