Detroit casino revenue up

detroit casinos may revenue

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The local gaming regulator revealed that the three casinos in the state increased revenues from 2016.

US.- The Michigan Gaming Control Board reported that the three casinos in Detroit raked in US$113 million in revenue during December operations, up from the same month in 2016. The casinos also payed higher monthly taxes.

The gaming control board said that the three facilities paid US$18 million in wagering taxes and agreement payments to the city of Detroit and approximately US$9.2 million to Michigan. MGM’s market share was 42 percent in September, followed closely by MotorCity with 34 percent and Greektown with 24 percent. Moreover, the results are better than August’s when the three facilities experienced a 3.8 percent decrease year-on-year in casino revenue as they raked in US$111.5 million.

Back in July, the MGCB revealed that the gaming industry has contributed to the state’s funds with US$4.5 billion during the last two decades. Once the government approved casino legalisation in July 17, 1997, the three gaming venues installed in Detroit have helped develop the city. Furthermore, the three Detroit casinos have generated over 1,400 businesses and 6,800 job positions.