Denmark mulls gambling ads ban

The lottery operator wants to copy UK’s gambling advertising ban. Credits:

The lottery operator from Denmark is considering a ban on gambling advertising during live sport.

Denmark.- Niels Folmann, director of Danske Spil, has revealed that the lottery operator from Denmark is considering a recently-introduced UK-style gambling advertising ban during live sport events.

Folmann said that the country should issue a blanket ban on gambling ads during live sports after the industry requested an ethical stature report, which is expected to be completed sometime during the second quarter of the current year. All parties have revealed that they would accept such a ban.

“We think we have reached a point where it makes sense to discuss whether we should let viewers watch the match in peace, and promote our commercial messages at other times,” said Golmann to Jyllands-Posten.

The model in question was adopted by the UK in December 2018, but some critics of the measure said that it is difficult to consider how this ban would impact Denmark as it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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