Denmark swings at Facebook over illegal sites

denmark illegal gambling

The Danish authority criticised Facebook as illegal gambling sites are being promoted in groups within the social network. (Credits:

The Danish gambling authority has criticised Facebook for allowing illegal websites to be promoted on the social network.

Denmark.- Illegal gambling is one of the top concerns for authorities worldwide as money can’t be tracked nor any taxes paid to fund state coffers. That’s why the Danish gambling authority has criticised Facebook over its role in the promotion of unauthorised gambling websites, which are advertised on its platform.

The country’s regulator, Spillemyndigheden, and the Danish Tax Agency’s anti-fraud unit conducted three web searches during 2018 to detect potentially illegal websites and found 742 problematic sites.

18 of them were blocked – by request – by internet service providers but the gambling authority still swung at Facebook as groups continuously promote unregulated operations, even as it has already managed to close four of them.

In order to continue to strengthen the licensed gambling market, Danish authorities have already announced that they will also act on skin betting. According to the Spillemyndigheden, about 20-25 skin betting sites are set to be included in their next blocking session.

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