Delaware sports betting took US$12.5 million in 2019

Delaware sports betting took US$12.5 million in 2019

Revenue generated in Delaware from the brand new sports betting segment reached US$12.5 million in 2019, the year it kicked off.

US.- The evolution of the gaming industry has states launching new operations all across the US. That’s why Delaware celebrated its sports betting results for its very first year after launching.

According to official numbers, the segment generated US$12.5 million in revenue in 2019. Moreover, punters spent US$102.6 million over that time and won US$79.6 million. They also placed an overall 2.55 million wagers through state-licensed operators.

Online gaming in November

The online gambling industry in Delaware posted positive results in November, recovering from a year-low in October. That month, the online gambling operators posted a 52.9% month-on-month increase in revenues.

The online gambling market posted revenues of US$376k in November, which represents the second-highest monthly total in 2019. It is a sharp increase from the year-low that the state had registered in October, when operators generated US$246k in October.

According to state regulators, these numbers represent a 52.9% increase from October to November. The highest monthly revenue was recorded in September when Delaware totalled US$384k in online gambling revenue.

Moreover, it was revealed that players spent US$12.4 million, up from the US$9.8 million in October and also higher than the US$11.8 million in September. Table games were the top games in November as players spent US$7.8 million.

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