Data leak harms Dutch lottery

Almost half a million subscribers have been warned by the Dutch lottery over a security vulnerability.

Netherlands.- Charity lotteries announced that they suffered a data leak that has compromised the security of its subscribers. According to Dutch News, the breach affects approximately 450.000 customers.

The three lotteries released a statement where they alerted the players that a breach had happened and that hackers could be in possession of their names, emails and addresses. Furthermore, they estimate that there are almost 1000 cases where they also obtained bank details and birth information. The leak was found thanks to an IT specialist after he found that the lotteries still had the distribution information of prizewinners.

The current contract establishes that the company needs to delete the information of all winners after a week. After they realised what was happenind, they shut down the contract and they turn the system offline. Even if a hotline was opened to address the customers’ complaints and questions, the lotteries reaffirmed that there’s no visible signs that the subscribers’ details have been shared on public.