Danske Spil’s rumours of privatisation grow

Government’s opponents firmly suggest that the sale is a bad idea.
Government’s opponents firmly suggest that the sale is a bad idea.

The rumours began last week with an unclear announcement made by the Danish government.

Denmark.- Danske Spil, national betting operator that runs online poker, casino and gambling services, could be finally privatised. The Danish government could sale the total gaming business except for the state’s lottery offerings.

The decision may lay under the country’s policies of extending and amplifying the gaming industry whilst ending with state’s monopolies, such as Danske Spil. The national brand used to have the total control of the gaming business until 2012, when Denmark approved a law that allowed international online gaming operators to land their businesses in the market. Following the same idea, neighbor Sweden can pass soon new gambling framework to privatise the Svenska Spel operator and to boost more opened gaming markets.

Danish government can obtain around US$460 million to US$613 million for the transaction, according to media calculations. Whilst deputy chairman of the Conservative party suggests the sale will be successful and fast –he estimates less than a year–, government’s opposition politicians believe that it would cost millions of steady annual revenues. Last year, the gaming operator achieved US$114 million.