Danish regulator sets new reporting scheme

Danish regulator sets new reporting scheme

Employees will be allowed to report money laundering evidence or suspicions to the Danish regulator.

The Danish regulator established a whistleblower scheme to allow employees in the industry to report money laundering activity.

Denmark.- Money laundering is a major concern for gambling regulators worldwide. That’s why Danish regulator Spillemyndigheden established a new whistleblower scheme for gaming segment employees. It will allow them to report money laundering activity or suspicions about it.

The Danish regulator has set a dedicated section on its website for such reports. They will be sent anonymously and all submissions will be encrypted to ensure security throughout the process.

Advertising concerns

Spillemyndigheden recently released a statement and issued a warning to operators. The watchdog discussed the use of terms such as “free” when marketing bonus offers.

The regulator assessed that the use of the word “free” when marketing a bonus offer is misleading if a wagering requirement is attached to the offer. This particular act doesn’t comply with the regulator’s Marketing Act.

In accordance with the Consumer Ombudsman, in 2016 a statement contemplated the use of the word “free” in bonus offers. “The Consumer Ombudsman found that the chance of winning a win was impaired because consumers could not raise their winnings if they stopped the game before the wagering requirement was met, and the total sum of consumer deposits and winnings was higher than the consumer’s initially deposited amount,” said the statement.

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